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Emmanuelle Beaudet


and passion. Those are the key words guiding Emmanuelle Beaudet when managing her real estate team and interacting with clients. Emmanuelle is one of those incredibly efficient people who can adapt to any situation and effortlessly transform problems into challenges. She also boasts innate strategic skills and an innovative nature; her great ideas are constantly testing the status quo. To top it all off, Emmanuelle is an astute asset manager who excels at custom-building action plans that invariably achieve their goal. To support her in these efforts, Emmanuelle has built the best possible team. Her key selection criterion? Complementarity - Each member must add to that sought-after "WOW" factor with clients.

The result? Cutting-edge real estate services with a personal touch!

Yannick Ménard

For Yannick Ménard, luck has no place in real estate. If there’s one field where details can make all the difference, it’s real estate. Rigorous at work and friendly by nature, Yannick is a rock-solid pillar for the team’s day-to-day. He brings out the best of every member of the team, which he views as a well-oiled machine. Wherever help is needed, Yannick is quick to step in – whether it’s printing advertising, designing graphic material or supporting marketing. Never content to simply just meet needs; Yannick surpasses them. Which is exactly what Emmanuelle Beaudet and her team are famous for.

Emmanuelle Beaudet’s team is Pascale and Vanessa, who attend to the needs of clients searching for a property.

Melyssa, meanwhile, handles the administrative side of things and coordinates all activities surrounding real estate transactions. She’s the grease that keeps the gears running smoothly.


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