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Our expertise in all of these essential selling steps is our greatest added value!

for sellers

Selling a property? Here are the services Emmanuelle Beaudet offers:

  • Preparing a comparative market analysis to establish a fair price
  • Explaining the costs to be expected when selling a property
  • Planning the marketing strategy
  • Collecting property titles and legal documents
  • Writing a detailed listing with photos of your property
  • Planning and supervising visits from potential buyers
  • Sending reports after each visit
  • Receiving, presenting and negotiating all written offers for your property
  • Following up on and managing any conditions on an accepted offer with the involved intermediaries
  • Preparing and sending the complete file to the notary before the deed of sale is signed
  • Being present during the signing of the deed of sale
  • Following up after the sale


Let us show you our expertise in negotiating the best possible buying conditions.

for buyers

What can we do for you?

Ready to buy your dream home? Here’s how we make the experience easier:

  • By understanding and defining your needs and selection criteria
  • By targeting properties that will appeal to you and meet your needs
  • By monitoring new listings on the market on a daily basis
  • By accompanying you during property visits and by offering valuable advice so that you can make the right choice
  • By analyzing the market value of the property you’ve selected
  • By writing the promise to purchase, all while advising you and explaining the clauses that protect you
  • By ensuring that any conditions in the offer (mortgage financing, building inspection, examination of co-ownership documents, etc.) are satisfied glitch-free once the offer has been accepted
  • By recommending any experts you may need
  • By being present during the signing of the deed of sale
  • By providing excellent after-sales follow-up

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